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Mercredi 18h-19h30 cours 3,4,6

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1 Mercredi 18h-19h30 cours 3,4,6 le Mar 5 Avr - 16:46

Cours 3
1st British Colony in Australia 1788
British used Australia for a Penal colony.
How would they able to claim the land as part of British Empire?
Terra Nullius (if a land is terra nullius, they can take it for theirselves)
There was no one governing the land. Raison? They didn’t farm the land so they thought so.
Mindset: the way of thinking at that time, black people couldn’t ruin the country.
Black Wars: time is not precis.
Suffrage: right to vote.
1962: finally grounted the vote, threated as citizens.
General outlook was that black people are nearly like animals. They did not give them suffrage until then.
Race Defamation: Abusive or contemptious language and at a rase of people based on a arogance idealized ideologie they are somehow inferieur.
Derogatory:Something lends to…
Stereotype:A simplified ou standalised conception or image
Representation:The act of portrail picturing or rendering in visible form
White Construction:A white person is virgin or interputation of something
Hindsight:Recognisition of realities, possibilities or requirements of situation
Welfare:Money given to unemployed or financly disadvanteged people
Political Oppression:The exercise of authority (gouvernment) or power in a burdence of cruel or a unjust manner
Apathy:The abcense or suppration of passion, lack of interest in things
Discrimination:Threatement or consideration of making a distinction in a favorite of a person or thing based on a group or class
Poverty:The state or condisition of having little money.
Policy:A cost of action adopted and persuad by governement or rular or a party
Eurocentric:Considering Europe and Europeens as focal to the world’s culture history economics
Inferiority Complex:Tendency to self deminish, sometimes you become aggressif. Sens of self diminishment.
Souffrage:The civil right to vote.

They tried to tame the bush but they were frightened of the landscape.
European clothes in a european boarding school, they decide to go on a picnic at Hanging Rock. The rock is very overbearing, couple girls go to explore the rock even if they were told not to. As they are exploring more and more, there it goes supernatural and the girls go missing.
Wildness, untamed ≠ european.
Sexuality of the young girls.

The landscape quality of the film
The film is set from the point of view of an aboriginal person but it is based on a book which is britten by a white man and everybody else who is involved with this film are white. It was a landmark film bc it was the first time the aboriginal people were shown as wild on the screen.
Nobel Savage: mythic person who has an idealic life.
There is issues of race in the film bc Jimmy is half white and half aboriginal.
What is to be australian? 2 differents australians.

Controle : April 13th , 1h30 %50

Mabo vs Queensland

Le Chemin de la Liberté - Rabbit-Proof Fence

They want to be a part of the population, they don’t know when it started, the line between colonial and postcolonial is not clear. Mabo overturned the fiction that Australia didn’t have anyone living there and it gave native title rights. Mining is a big industry in Australia, it caused a lot of problems with this native title, bc aboriginal pp say don’t mine the land. There was lot of contrevorsy surrounding this case. Now its law so they have to accept. Even in farming where aboriginals claimed that it was actually sacred ground and they wanted it for ourselves but other ones they pay for the land and they owned it.

The film is about the stolen generation. Aboriginal people were incapable of making decisions for themsevles. They had minds to primitive to understand complex things. They decided to make rules for them, to decide how they were going to live their live. They took their children and put in to white families to give them education. What where their intentions? Where they trying to assimilate them or bread out the black ? They had to forget about aboriginal culture, language and just absorb the european way. It caused lot of problems, assimilation caused a reaction. 2008- got together with the government and they said sorry for the first time.

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